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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Only The Strong, Childhood & Capoeira

In my previous post, I did mention about that I love reading the collections of the quotes. And this morning while browsing and 'googling' some quote, I found this,

“Only the strong hearted can resist temptation and only but a fool would resist love.”

*Wah! Kemain, lovey dovey gitewww* I’m not gonna talk about love today. It's actually a quote from one movie, "Only The Strong". The first things cross in my mind when I saw the tittle of the movie, was my childhood time. :) I can’t remember when I'm exactly watch "Only The Strong”. But all I can remember was, there’s a lot of the scene in that movie amazes me.

Plus most of the scene was on the beach side *I looove beach!* … Well, there are a lot’s of movement which is something like acrobatic, flip, kick and similar with dance as well and with the music. It attracts me because I’m the type of person who loves beach, dance, music and sports. But during that time I didn’t ask anyone what exactly is that. But all I know, it is some kind of martial art because there a few men who fought in that movie. Some of the movement in that movie reminds me to my childhood bf! Ahahah! He’s my neighbour and we always walk to the school together, play together, ‘main masak-masak’ together.
I still remember, one of my favourite movements that I always did is quite similar with some movement in “Only the Strong”. It’s like an acrobatic movement, where we put both of our hand on the ground and move our feet with straight leg and make one full rotation to the other side. You can see the image below.

And then, when I was 17 years old. There’s one time where ‘Anak Ayam’ by Too Phat quite famous during that time. One of my classmates a.k.a my good friend indeed (and he’s getting married soon with my ex-classmate too!), he always do all those kind of acrobatics movement in front of the class. Well, it is actually a breakdance. At the meantime, my brother joins this one model search for ‘Maskulin’. And happen that I chat with one of his friend about ‘Capoeira’ and Only The Strong. And I started to know about Capoeira through arcade game ‘Tekken’ and there’s one fight scene in ‘Ong Bak’ whereby one guy (not too sure whether he’s Brazilian or not) fight with Tony Jaa – and it’s Capoeira!
Basically, Capoeira may simply look like a kind of ‘mock fight’ or dance circle. Surrounded by a musician (bateria) in a circle called the ‘road/wheel’. The capoeira game (jogo) is played by two capoeira practitioners (capoeiristas) at a time, inside the Roda, which is made up of other capoeiristas or onlookers, Capoeristas move around each other using arcing kicks, stealthy dodges, crouching movements, cartwheels, teasing gestures, sneak attacks, headbutts, and the occasional acrobatic leap.

That’s basically what I can share with you guys about Capoeira AT THE MOMENT. It's gonna be more and more in future. *wink*

And hey! I almost forgot! It’s gonna be one Street Roda tomorrow! And Brazilian Night bebeh!
The Street Roda will be at Central Market Kuala Lumpur (in between Masjid Jamek & Pasar Seni LRT Station) & Brazilian party will be at Doppel Kafe (Address: Level 2.04, Mezzanine Floor, Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi 50050 Kuala Lumpur).
For more info, you can check out this website, Capoeira Camara Malaysia.

Tata for now!
Gillette Flores

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