Random Questions about Capoeira

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Facts about Gillette Flores

Muslim. =)

“Família para sempre”… Means Family Forever in Portuguese. All I can say about my family... I love both of my family to the maximum! 'Both'? ;)

Capoeira. Some of you might know what is capoeira, some of you might heard about it before but not too sure what exactly is that and some of you might have no idea at all, what is capoeira. It is actually some kind of martial art like taekwando, silat, jiujitsu etc. Well, I can tell and share with you more in the next post if you guys interested to read this simple blog. *wink*

Fashion is my obsession... I'm into fashion... and I would call myself an impulse shopper for the last few years. And I dont really care about the brand or the price. Most importantly, the quality, the design and the color. I would wear any kind of fashion, style and trend but most of the time, I would wear those attire or style which suit my height and my body shape. And did I mention that I love dress? Yesss, I love dress! *wink*

Music is my boyfriend.. =) ... I love ‘him’ and will always love ‘him’. I can’t live without ‘him’... ;) I'm  more into violin & piano tunes, guitar acoustic songs, pop ballads, r&b, sentimental, oldies, korean, rock ballads songs... hmmm... I must say I love almost all genres of music. Any specific artist? Hmmm… a lots! (^^,) ... And hey! Live band too!

Dancing is my passion... and hobby. I'm not a professional dancer, I just love to dance.  Dancing, it will always be a part of my life... =)

Drawing is another kind of languange... Agree? =) I love sketches!

Love is cinta. =) ... Everyone needs love. So am I. =) ... I do believe in TRUE LOVE and always will.

A Friend Is Like A Good Bra Hard to Find Supportive Comfortable Always Lifts You Up Never Lets. LOL! I do have lots of friends, but there's just a few friends that I can trust. :)

  I love beach, sunset & photography. Photography, I wish to have one big room where I can hang all of the collection of my favourite photos took by myself from all over the world in there. Especially the collection of sunset and beach photograph.
Few of my fav movie, “P.S, I Love You", “Iron Man”, “Shooter”, “Looser”, “A Walk To Remember”, “She’s The Man”, “Deception”... And there are few more. :)

FOOD & DIET. =) ... I looooove food but I have a big problem with that. I can't eat chicken, seafood, choc, cheese and I can't eat any food which contains black pepper, belacan, dry shrimp, chicken paste and I even cannot eat tuna or sardine. Sounds miserable isn't it? LOL! But it is actually good for me as my metabolism is low, so thanks to sinus! Because of it, I can control my diet and maintain my weight. ;)
I love reading the collections of quotes. Any quotes… =)

Last but not least, I love flowers (flores in Portuguese) & COLOURS!


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