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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Capoeira, Instrument, Bateria, Culture & Music

Second Sunday, Instrutor Soldado gave us (Camara's Student) a chance to play the instruments used in Capoeira. It was fun and exciting! I got a chance to play Pandeiro and Agogo (planning to learn Atabaque and Berimbau soon!)

Before that, let me tell you some info about Bateria. Not Bacteria. BATERIA okay? *wink*

The term bateria means "drum kit" in Portuguese and Spanish in Brazil. In Brazil, the word is also used for a form of Brazillian samba band, the percussion band or rhythm section of Samba School. It might also mean battery.

Baterias are also used to accompany the Brazillian martial art - CAPOEIRA.

Source from here.

Last week, I'm sitting next to Instrutor Soldado, holding a pandeiro while Instrutor Soldado holding a Berimbau. Before all of us (bateria) starts to play the instruments and singing, Instrutor Soldado asked me.

"Gillette, what is Bateria?"
"Uhmm... All of us, the people who plays the instruments." Instrutor Soldado nodded his head before corrected my answer.
"Not only the people. The instruments as well."

And then, Instrutor Soldado started the music with Berimbau (Gunga) followed by Fadinha who plays Berimbau (Viola), followed by Bicodo (Atabaque), myself (Pandeiro) and Jihan (Agogo).

There are several main instruments used in Capoeira. The instruments that I used to play was Pandeiro & Agogo. The other instruments that I used to try was Berimbau & Atabaque.
I did 'Google' about instruments in Capoeira, and I found out about 'Reco-Reco". Well, gonna ask Instrutor Soldado soon for sure.

Let's make it short, let me share with you the several main instruments used in Capoeira.

  • Berimbau: A single bow instrument with a gourd attached as a resonator. It is played with a rock or coin and a small stick. This is seen as the most important instrument in the 'Roda' as it dictates the pace and style of the game. More about Berimbau.

  • Pandeiro: This is the Brazillian tambourine with a skin (either synthetic or animal hide) on the side. This is probably the second most important instrument in the 'Roda' and a good one for a new student to begin learning.

  • Atabaque: This is an African style drum similar to the congas used in traditional salsa music. Though it is used in Capoeira, it can also be seen in Afro-Brazillian religious rituals like Candomble and Macumba. More about Atabaque.

  • Agogo: This is African instrument made of two iron bells and is played with either a metal or wooden stick. Similar to Atabaque it can also be found in Afro-Brazillian religious ceremonies. More about Agogo.

  • Reco-Reco: The reco-reco is made of a section of bamboo about a foot and a half long with grooves or notches carved on one side. It is played with a thin wooden stick by rubbing it on the grooves. It is the most recent instrument added to Capoeira. (Never personally play or saw Reco-Reco, but just want to share what I found in the internet.) More about Reco-Reco.
Source & pic from here.
More info about Instrument used in Capoeira, here.

Instutor Soldado always asked all of us, "What is Capoeira". And we will gave a different answers. Because yes, Capoeira is 'infinity', freedom, et cetera... et cetera...
When I first joined, I noticed that Instrutor Soldado always wants us to feel the music during 'Ginga'. And then inside the 'Roda'. Slowly, he taught us to play the instruments. Capoeira, it's getting more fun and enjoyable! Capoeira is the only major martial art known to have such a distinct incorporation of music. Understanding the instruments and music really transforms a players game as he/she becomes more in tune with Capoeira culture.

Oh man, seems like there are many more that I wanted to share with you here about Capoeira. Next entry? *smile*

And, ahaks! We have a new joiner - Jihan. Such a cute and adorable woman with a smiley eyes. *wink*
Welcome to our Camara family Jihan!

To those who interested to join our class, you guys can leave a comment/enquiry here anytime - or else you can get more information here, in our Capoeira Camara Malaysia official page.

Untill next time. ;)



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