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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sengih sampai ke telinga...

Yawwwnnn! Sleepy!
Jarang rasanya Gill upload gambar activiti Gill dalam blog Gillette's Rhapsody ni kan?
Alrighty, malas nak menaip panjang-panjang hari ni.
Let's share some pics & cerita di sebalik gambar-gambar yang Gill post dekat sini ya?
Good times with all of you my Camara family! :)
*kenyit mata*
Highlight on Wednesday, 14 Nov 2012
♥ Our Camara group planned for a birthday surprise for Falcao, Jumbo & Bicodo. But unfortunately Bicodo couldn't join us that night. I ordered a cake from my friend, Kay & trust me! It's super duper yummy! Will post more about the cake in the future entry. But seriously, it was superlicious! Red Velvet mixed with slices of cheese, not too creamy.
♥ Fadinha, Berimbau, Jumbo & Pato waited for me and Hans at LRT Bangsar before leaving to PD. Around 6 something, all of us started our journey to Port Dickson.
♥ Had dinner somewhere in Port Dickson, can't remember the name of the 'kedai makan'. Once Soldado & his friend arrived, all of us straight away go to the hotel, and hide at the swimming pool! Like a small kids, don't you think so? Haha!
♥ Surprise for Falcao & Jumbo! They shared the same date of birth. Awesome!
♥ I never thought that it's gonna be a surpise for me too! Awwww! You guys are soooo sweet! :') Soldado announced something, "Tonight we are supposed to celebrate birthday for 4 people..." and suddenly Fadinha suprised me with one cute jar of cake! Sweet! Almost brought tears. :')
Enjoy the pics now ;)
Red Velvet mixed with cheese cake. Yummy!

Wedding cake session. Eh? Lol!
Jumbo and Falcao who shared the same date of birth, 14 Nov

Awwww!!! Both of you are soooo cute!
*blinking eyes*

Jacob Black & Edward Cullen. Seriously??? Haha!
That's Pato and Jumbo.

Greatest 'Instrutor' Soldado.
Instrutor Falcao and Instrutor Soldado.
They both actually, Brazillian from Capoeira Camara Group and Capoeira Camara had a few Instrutor at different country.
The founder of Capoeira Camara, one of the greatest man I've ever know, Contra Mestre Bola.
Instrutor Falcao is now teaching Capoeira in Japan while Instrutor Soldado, in Malaysia tanah tumpah airku  ;)
Instrutor Falcao during Batizado last September.
Instrutor Soldado and Fadinha during 'Tebu Brazillian Night' last September.
Matrix! Ahem! ;)
Annndddd tada! See! See! The cake inside the jar! Love it!
Thanks a lot guys! Mwah!
Highlight on Thursday, 15 Nov 2012
♥ We had Camara bootcamp with Instrutor Soldado and Instrutor Falcao at Kiara Park, 8 pm..
♥ It's pretty awesome even though kinda exausted.
♥ After bootcamp, as usual, Capoeira time!

Instrutor Falcao.

Instrutor Soldado and Berimbau.

Pato and Instrutor Falcao.
Falcao : Tunggu sat. Aku nak sikat rambut sat.
Pato : Ehhh, apadaaaa time time ni jugak hang nak sikat rambut
*just for fun
Another training tonight! And Capoeira Workshop with Instrutor Falcao tomorrow morning. Yeah! :)

Untill next time!



SaddLone said...

hi gill!

alahhh mne pixa kau? kau ad part kt camara ke?
and say hi to falcao & jumbo for me.. kah kah

Jna marcello said...

Gill dari kat bbm ritu Na nak tanye sape mamat yg baju hitam tgh potong kek yg tggi tu..
dye mcm ensem2 je.. SUKA!
hahahahahah ;p

Gillette Flores said...

♥ SaddLone,
Hi Sad!
Tak mahulah letak gambar Gill.
Tak cantik dan gemuk
Boleh, malam ni dan esok pagi Gill jumpa Jumbo dan Falcao.
Nanti Gill sampaikan salam pada 2 hot guy tu ;)

♥ Jna Marcello,
Memang hensem dan baik :)
Tinggi, muka sweet dan hensem.
Bakal pilot Januari nanti. :)

Sigaret Perisa Kafein said...

nampaknya meriah!


Jna marcello said...

OK bole tlg kirim salam En.pilot ;D

boni kacak said...

wah...macma best je ni.. tapi nape gambar gill tak ada?? ni yang tak puas hati ni..hahaha

Amar Shah said...


crescent said...

meriahnya...hahaha...kek nak kek nak kek...haha...

Anonymous said...

Laa..igt kan ada gambar dia pusing2 loncat2..

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

focus kat kek, yum3 :)

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